Is The Cloud Ready for Dedup?

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Monday, April 2, 2012
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Most organizations are trying to reduce total storage costs while facing 50% annual data growth rates and an increased demand to store data long term. As cloud storage increasingly becomes a part of IT storage strategies, customers expect a highly cost-effective, secure, and scalable solution that provides seamless access to their data. This session will explore why deduplication is a necessary and effective strategy for data in the cloud.

With a deduplication engine in the cloud architecture, it is possible to determine if data already exists. As a result, cloud implementations save storage costs and enable the enterprise to take advantage of CAPEX and OPEX savings by reducing storage purchases and overhead necessary to manage that storage. When deduplication is implemented into cloud storage solutions, it can effectively reduce the amount of data stored by 5-35X, which is reflected in the costs to implement cloud storage within IT strategy.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will leave the session with a clear understanding of the necessity to implement deduplication in the cloud in order to meet their objective of increasing operational efficiencies and cutting costs.
The presenter will guide attendees through the different forms of deduplication technology that exist and provide tips and suggestions on how they can choose the technology that best helps them meet their objectives.
Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how they can use deduplication technology everywhere across their storage array and receive the same benefits on data stored in the cloud and locally.