Cloud Security: Current Challenges and Possible Solutions

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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Many organizations, big and small, are moving their data into the cloud. New startups, (even banks) have adopted the model of starting off by keeping their entire data in the cloud. However, many do not properly assess its security implications. In this presentation, I will start by explaining different cloud architectures and the kind of security they offer. I will then explain the new attack vectors that have come up due to cloud storage and computing. I will give examples of how attackers have targeted cloud users and their data in the cloud. In the end, I will give my checklist on how data should be stored securely in the cloud.
Learning Outcomes
a. Understand various cloud architectures and compare their level of security offered
b. Learn about recent attacks on Cloud infrastructure and how they could have been avoided
c. Get a checklist of how data can be stored securely in the cloud

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