Cloud Storage Clients

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Monday, October 11, 2010
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Cloud Storage is a broad term being applied to many technologies, services, and products. There are a dizzying array of technical terms used when discussing cloud storage (ex: CDMI, RESTful, APIs, NFS, CIFS, Objects, NOSQL, Key-Value Stores, Big Data). There are numerous services for cloud storage each offering their own proprietary interfaces (Amazon S3, Google, Rackspace Files). There will also be many Cloud Storage products/technologies deployed inside of Enterprises. Complicating things further, as we become ever more mobile, we are moving to multiple devices all of which do not have traditional file systems (ex: smartphones, tablets). Thus the way in which we store and interact with our data changes quite dramatically.

Learning Objectives

Understand what it means to be a "client" of Cloud Storage and how users will interact with their data in this new paradigm.
Understand the current landscape of proprietary and standard's based Cloud Storage options. (For both Public and Private Cloud Storage)
Example demo of one or two cloud storage clients (time permitting)