Cloud Storage: The New Paradigm for Accessing Storage as a Service

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Monday, April 6, 2009
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We are witnessing a tectonic shift in how computational cycles, storage and applications are being consumed: as services delivered over the web, similar to the manner in which utilities such as power are delivered. “Cloud” is a metaphor for the internet. Using a Cloud based storage service frees consumers from worrying about protecting their precious and ever increasing digital data. And enterprises that subscribe to cloud based storage services with Service Level Agreements that meet the business requirements can free up significant portion of their data center related capital and operating expense budgets and instead invest in their core businesses. This tutorial will focus only on storage as a service, key attributes or requirements of storage infrastructure for offering as a service and file oriented protocols for accessing the storage.

Learning Objectives

Develop an understanding of storage infrastructure requirements for Cloud Storage
Develop an understanding of how the capabilities of the storage infrastructure can be described by Web Services Description Language
Develop an understanding of Web-based file access protocols.