Computing or Litigating in the Cloud - Emerging Issues in E-Discovery, Search and Digital Evidence Management

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Monday, April 6, 2009
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The 2006 Federal eDiscovery rules have resulted in a flood of lawsuits involving digital evidence. Issues of authentication, integrity, search protocol efficacy, challenges of withholding evidence, failure to preserve (store), and spoliation (tampering or deletion) of computer generated information are now being raised early and often in litigation. Further complicating the process is the advent of "cloud computing," which adds additional search, storage and preservation concerns and challenges for enterprises (as well as their attorneys) that request as well as produce digital evidence in litigation. IT/storage/info-sec stakeholders will be increasingly tasked to inform and educate attorneys whose technical sophistication is lacking, or even missing.

Learning Objectives

This track will offer information security and management stakeholders an insight into a litigating attorney's perspective about digital evidence management throughout the information life-cycle.
This track will and outline the increasingly important role of IT in ensuring enterprise compliance with both eDiscovery and evidentiary preservation obligations.