Confidential Compute: Protecting Data in Use

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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As noted in our panel discussion “What is Confidential Computing and Why Should I Care?,” Confidential Computing is an emerging industry initiative focused on helping to secure data in use. The efforts can enable encrypted data to be processed in memory while lowering the risk of exposing it to the rest of the system, thereby reducing the potential for sensitive data to be exposed while providing a higher degree of control and transparency for users.

As computing moves to span multiple environments from on-premises to public cloud to edge, organizations need protection controls that help safeguard sensitive IP and workload data wherever the data resides. In this live webcast we’ll cover:

  • How Confidential Computing works in multi-tenant cloud environments
  • How sensitive data can be isolated from other privileged portions of the stack
  • Applications in financial services, healthcare industries, and broader enterprise applications
  • Contributing to the Confidential Computing Consortium

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