Container Attached Storage

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Friday, July 13, 2018
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There is a huge need to containerize the Stateful applications in today's world of Docker and Kubernetes. These stateful applications need a storage architecture that is truly cloud native. Container Attached Storage or CAS is a truly cloud native software architecture for applications running in containers. In CAS, the storage software itself is containerized and hence gets the advantages of being a micro service. In CAS architecture, each storage volume gets it's own storage controller running completely in user space and attains the maximum agility and policy granularity. CAS architecture has gained tremendous traction through it's reference implementation - OpenEBS. Through its seamless integration with Kubernetes and associated tools for managing native disks on container orchestration platforms, CAS delivers native hyperconvergence solution for containers. In this presentation, the author covers the need for CAS architecture for containers and explains in detail about the architectural advantages of it. The use case of how CAS solves the problem of storage scalability management when the number of containers grows into thousands will be discussed.

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