Container Attached Storage (CAS) with openEBS

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Applying micro service patterns to storage giving each workload its own Container Attached Storage (CAS) system. This puts the DevOps persona within full control of the storage requirements and brings data agility to k8s persistent workloads. We will go over the concept and the implementation of CAS, as well as its orchestration. Learning Objectives: 1. Go over the modern day apps and their storage needs; under the notion of applications have changed someone forgot to tell storage 2. What are the problems to use technologies like user space IO, in particular using technologies like SPDK among others 3. Looking devops and the k8s model, how can we bring the power of user space storage in developers hands? Virtio for containers? direct access from the go run time for example SPDK? 4. We have tried both, and like to share the outcome of this with you