Continuous Delivery: Cloud Software Development on Speed

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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In the world of cloud services development, it's necessary to gain an edge on the myriad of competition facing your product or service. Volume and variety are not just characteristics of cloud data, but also of the software needed to deliver accurate decisions. While a variety of software techniques exist to create effective development teams, sometimes it's worthwhile to look elsewhere for additional success factors. In this webcast, we'll be focusing on adapting some of the principles of modern manufacturing to add to the development toolbox. A Continuous Delivery methodology ensures that the product is streamlined in its feature set while building constant value to the customer via the cloud. Attendees will learn the following:

  • Structuring development and testing resources for Continuous Delivery
  • A flexible software planning cycle for driving new features throughout the process
  • A set of simple guidelines for tracking success
  • Ways to ensure new features are delivered before moving to the next plan

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