Convergence in the Data Center

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Monday, October 11, 2010
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This session explores the trends driving convergence in the data center. It examines the potential for convergence and where it may take place from the perspectives of data center architecturem applications, and storage & networking technologies. The session will also discuss the need for more resilient L2 infrastructure and how it may be established. Finally, a review of deployment models for converged data center utilizing Lossless Ethernet, TRILL, FCoE and iSCSI will be provided.

Learning Objectives

Current trends in the data center are driving the need for convergence, which places special requirements on L2 infrastructure and server I/O channers
Not all things will converge. Progress will be evolutionary and will come in stages requiring new technologies such as lossless Ethernet, FCoE, TRILL and L2 infrastructure enhancements that will lead to new data center architectures
What to converge, how to do it and where to deploy convergence in the data center