Data Center Networking

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Friday, July 13, 2018
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A typical Datacenter architecture will be introduced along with the various bottlenecks it experiences. We would then look at the newer Datacenter designs and how it improves their performance/throughput. Finally, we will look at the relatively new found Networking issues like TCP Incast, TCP Outcast, etc We will start by looking at the typical Core-Access-Edge architecture and we will compare it with other architectures like Leaf-Spine, Fat-Tree etc. We will then look at the basic bottlenecks in a traditional Datacenter followed by new protocol level enhancements like DCTCP, A2DTCP, and Google's BBR to solve them. We will also look at issues like TCP Incast, TCP Outcast, and TCP Unfairness and solutions proposed to mitigate them. Finally, we will take a look at Facebook's Open Compute Project and see how Datacenter designs are been shared efficiently in our industry.

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