Data Center Transformation - Beyond the Hype

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Monday, October 11, 2010
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The data center of the future is possible for IT divisions that are willing to create an architecture that leverages leading technology and business practices where appropriate. This session is designed for storage administrators and IT managers. We will explore how to use existing infrastructure with new technologies to transform your data center. Virtualization, Data de-duplication, Network Consolidation, Green Data-centers and Cloud Storage are all components of future data centers. This session will help you create an architecture that leverages technologies to transform your data-center, without risking your IT operations, your company or your job.

Learning Objectives

Understand the coming changes to corporate data centers, and how to adapt.
Understand and leverage business practices in order to transform your organization into an IT service delivery business unit.
Learn how to leverage technologies where appropriate to deliver IT services cost effectively to your company.