Data Center Transformation (Fall 2009)

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Monday, October 12, 2009
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The data center of the future is possible today for IT environments that are willing to create an architecture that leverages technology where appropriate. This session is designed for storage administrators and storage architects. We will explore how to use existing infrastructure with new technologies to transform your data center. Virtualization, Data de-duplication, Network Consolidation, Green Data-centers and Cloud Storage are all components of future data centers. The most successful organizations will use these technologies and concepts synergistically to lower costs, while meeting service and availability needs. All too often, new technologies are sold as solutions. We will look beyond the vendor hype to help you choose the technologies and products best suited for your environment. You will gain an understanding of what technologies you should investigate, and those to ignore. This session will help you create an architecture that leverages technologies to transform your data-center, without risking your IT operations, your company or your job.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand how emerging technologies can help your data-center improve efficiency while lowering costs and risks
• Gain an understanding of which technologies and products may, or may not be appropriate for your environment

Storage Virtualization I - What, Why, When, Where and How?
Storage Virtualization II - Effective Use of Virtualization
WAN Optimization and Thin Client: Complementary or Competitive Application Delivery Methods?
Cloud Storage Standards Overview
Data Center Transformation