Data Management going beyond storage boxes.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Most of the top storage vendors are moving to storage as a service solution. Exploring all the ecosystem components including open source solutions to build a complete data management solution on top of the existing storage capabilities. The intensity of this move is accelerated as more cloud-native and hybrid use cases are in demand. In this session, we will see an overall architecture for a typical stack with key data management including data protection and monitoring across existing storage infrastructure. We will also see how this trend is shaping container and cloud-native storage. We will have a working demo on data protection/monitoring illustrating how the overall stack works with some of the open-source projects.

  • Storage as a service stack and illustration
  • Trends on Data Management beyond storage infrastructure
  • Architecture for software stack view for container storage
  • Illustration with Data Protection/Monitoring across heterogeneous storages

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