Data Protection for stateful application: OpenSource way!!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Currently Stateful Applications contribute to the major chunk (more than 50%) of containerized application deployment for enterprise. To maintain an uninterrupted application availability for the containerized applications, backup and recover these application to be DR ready is the need and important strategy of the enterprises. One important aspect is to backup and recover in an alternative environment. With alternative environment we mean, in an hybrid environment, i.e. take an example of Cloud1 managed K8S environment being recovered into Cloud2 managed K8S environment. Today, there are multiple proprietary solutions available but an Open Source solution, which is driven by community development, will add more insight as well as flexibility. This session aims to provide the: a) Background of Data protection for stateful applications in K8S b) The strategy for developing such solutions, considerations and important aspects to look to c) Look into some of the available and upcoming Open Source solutions like Velero and future solution from SODA Foundation. And How SODA Foundation is creating a community driven development of this solution

  • Undestand the Stateful data protection in K8S
  • Need of Data Protection for Container Storage
  • Open Source community driven Data Protection Solution

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