Is the Data Really Gone? A Primer on the Sanitization of Storage Devices

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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What do you think is a more secure way of securely removing data from a hard drive - putting it through a shredder, or doing an instant secure erase? The answer might surprise you! Companies go to great lengths to secure their data and prevent confidential information from being made available to others. When a company is done using its ICT equipment, including the storage device, it is important to render the data inaccessible. Sanitization is a process or method to render access to target data on storage media infeasible for a given level of effort. SSDs and HDDs have various security features that make this sanitization quick, secure, and verifiable.

In this webcast, we will go over the different types of sanitization defined in the new IEEE P2883 Specification for Sanitization of Storage and cover easy ways to perform “Clear”, “Purge,” and “Destruct in mainstream storage interfaces like SATA, SAS, and NVMe. We discuss recommendations for the verification of sanitization to ensure that devices are meeting stringent requirements and explain how the purge technique for media sanitization can be quick, secure, reliable, and verifiable - and most importantly keeps the device in one piece.

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