Data Sovereign Collaboration Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

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Friday, December 4, 2020
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In today’s digital world, Data sovereignty becomes a big area of concern for various countries. Many countries are concerned about the data, that is generated locally, and being processed and persisted beyond their geographical control. This is particularly relevant in the age of cloud computing with global development centers for processing and persisting data.
Governments across the globe are enacting new and stringent laws for data sovereignty. This is pushing various industries specifically the autonomous vehicle industry to innovate more and create new business models for data sovereignty compliance. There is a need to build an innovative Rapid Collaboration Platform (RCP) that can address data sovereignty concerns on where the data will be stored, how it complies with local laws, ensure data privacy and data security while enabling to perform Business as Usual activities more efficiently.
AV RCP is a collaboration platform that enables Data Driven Development of Autonomous Driving built on the principles of distributed architecture to solve various challenges faced by autonomous vehicle development teams. It enables seamless access to vehicle test data to various users as software engineer, algorithm developer, applied scientist, ML engineer etc. It provides global search engine, native compute engine and various data management tools so that test data is available and accessible to various teams spread across various regions. The distributed architecture ensures data remains at the place where it is collected. This not only ensures data sovereignty but also optimizes on the network bandwidth usage and cost and helps improve the productivity of the overall AV development team. It supports hybrid cloud deployment options that can build on existing on premise infra investments as well as leverage latest technological capabilities from public clouds.

The same platform can be extended for other industry segments like Health, Auto, Energy, Utilities etc.

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