Datacenter Management of NVMe Drives

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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This talk describes work going on in three different organizations to enable scale out management of NVMe SSDs. The soon to be released NVME-MI 1.1 standard will allow management from host based agents as well as BMCs. This might be extended to allow support for Binary Encoded JSON (BEJ) in support of host agents and BMCs that want to support the Redfish Standard. We will also cover work going on in SNIA (Object Drive TWG) and DMTF in support. Learning Objectives: 1. Principles and limitations of scale out datacenter management 2. An understanding of the NVMe-MI standard 3. A Redfish profile for NVMe drives 4. Inside the box management networks and outside the box management networks 5. Platform Layer Data Model (PLDM)