Delivering Predictable Storage Performance in a Virtualized Environment

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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Whether you’re considering an all-flash or hybrid storage array, you should expect fast, predictable performance. However, two common obstacles – latency spikes and resource contention –can impact hybrid and all-flash array performance, causing applications to not meet their service levels. Storage Quality of Service (QoS) functionality is now considered a ‘must have’ feature for delivering predictable, consistent performance in flash-based arrays. What’s more, the value of Storage QoS reaches well beyond managing performance; it applies to many types of data services including data protection, security/encryption and data placement.

This presentation will discuss the benefits of QoS in providing consistent performance for mission-critical applications and why it’s important to understand the value and power this emerging capability can offer.

Learning Objectives

What Storage QoS is and why it should be considered for both all-flash and hybrid arrays.
How to consolidate more workloads and guarantee consistent performance for mission-critical apps
How policy-based QoS can make delivering predictable performance to multiple apps a simple task.
How QoS managed capabilities such as automated data placement enable customers to meet SLAs