Design of a WORM Filesystem

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Monday, September 19, 2016
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There are many governmental regulations requiring the archival of documents and emails for a period of years to Write-Once-Read-Many times (WORM) storage. In the past, companies would meet these requirements by archiving all data to optical storage. But optical storage is slow and difficult to manage. So today, many companies are opting for hard disk storage that exhibit WORM properties.

This talk will walk through the process the presenter went through for designing a WORM compliant filesystem. It will cover the customer expectations for such a system, and how they were meet in the design of the WORM filesystem.

Learning Objectives

A survey of the government regulations requiring WORM storage.
Disadvantages of traditional optical WORM storage.
Difficulties in implementing an immutable file storage system.
Techniques to provide WORM properties to disk based file system storage.