Distributed filesystems as container persistent storage with applied security

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Friday, December 4, 2020
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Persistent storage has become a critical aspect of the new age IT environments that are based on containers and micro services. Neoteric standards and specifications such as Container Storage Interface (CSI) have helped in uniting the storage with containers world. With advancements in this technology the container workloads and patterns of storage usage are also getting advanced. Distributed filesystems when used as persistent storage for containers bring in added advantage of distributed access, this includes multi-container access, multi-protocol access or even multi-cloud access. It opens up to the use cases of data sharing, backup and DR. But this also exposes the data to some risk due to its shared nature. In such environment it becomes vital to provide adequate security to the data at all levels. This session talks about data sharing use cases in containers ecosystem. It talks about various security measures that can be taken to protect the data at all levels including, storage, persistent volumes and container access. It deep dives with illustration on how these security measures can be implemented to address the risks.

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