DOTS - A Simple, Visual, Method for Preserving Digital Infomation

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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DOTS is the only digital storage designed to be read with a camera employing standard image processing techniques. Data is recorded visually on patented phase-change metal alloy tape at a microscopic density that rivals the capacity of current magnetic tapes. DOTS can record any digital file format, visible text, and imagery on the same media. Using a visual method to represent the data ensures, as long as cameras and imaging devices are available, the information will always be recoverable, and backwardly compatible to the 1st generation. DOTS™ is Write-Once Read Many (WORM) storage, tamper-proof, cannot be erased, and supports external compression and data encryption, making it a secure and robust archive technology. It is non-magnetic, chemically inert, immune to electromagnetic fields (including EMP), and can be stored in normal office environments or extremes ranging from -9º to 66º C (16º to 150º F) With visual technologies such as photographic prints or negatives and paper text documents, one can look directly at the medium to access the information. With all magnetic media, complex optical, biologic, or holographic storage, a machine and software are required to read and translate the data into a human-observable and comprehensible form. If the machine or software is obsolete or lost, the data is likely to be lost as well. It is critical that the method employed to protect the data must be unencumbered by complicated technology. DOTS is designed to ensure both those preservation and comprehension demands can be met. The presentation will not only explain how DOTS works, but also explain that taking advantage of DOTS visual characteristics, we have come up with a patented method for preserving digital images and sound that ensure they will always be readable for hundreds of years without any file format or operating system dependencies.

  • Explain this simple solution to data preservation
  • Explain the Bit Plane Image preservation format for ensuring files can be read centuries into the future.
  • Explain how this non-magnetic method of storage is immune from EMP, malware, and cyber attacks.

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