EDSFF: Dynamic Family of Form Factors for Data Center SSDs

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Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Today all the EDSFF family of form factors share the same protocol (NVMe), the same interface (PCIe), the same edge connector (SFF-TA-1002), and the same pinout and functions (SFF-TA-1009). There is a vast diversity of Enterprise and Datacenter applications. This presentation, from the 2020 OCP Summit, explains how having a flexible and scalable family of form factors allows for optimization for different use cases, different media types on SSDs, scalable performance, and improved data center TCO. the specification. SFF-TA-1012 has been published to SNIA to show the breadth of the SFF-TA-1002 ecosystem, and provide pinout definitions for EDSFF SSDs (SFF-TA-1009), OCP NIC, Gen Z, PECFF, SNIA NVMe-oF ethernet drives, and future high speed devices.

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