Enhancing NVNeOF capabilities using storage abstraction

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Thursday, May 3, 2018
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NVMe protocol is optimized for NAND media, providing high performance in comparison with legacy protocols, such as SAS and SATA. Furthermore, it replaces the conventional volumes with namespaces and subsystems. NVMe-oF protocol enables sharing the NVMe resources within the rack and across racks in the datacenter, while maintaining the benefits of NVMe. In our talk, we will describe how NVMe SW abstraction further increases the potential of NVMe-oF. The abstraction enhances the ability to share storage resources. This increases the storage utilization and enables balancing workloads across a pool of SSDs. We will discuss different abstraction configurations, their advantages and disadvantages. Learning Objectives NVMe-oF Subsystem building blocks: review of a typical NVMe-oF system architecture; subsystems, controllers and namespaces terminology What is SW storage abstraction and what are its advantages Different abstraction configurations for virtualized NVMe Subsystems, their advantages and disadvantages

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