Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Storage but were too Proud to Ask - Part Chartreuse 

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Friday, October 7, 2016
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In the first part of the webcast series, we take an irreverent, yet still informative look, at the parts of a storage solution in Data Center architectures. This webcast, Part Chartreuse, starts with the very basics – The Naming of the Parts. We break down the entire storage picture and identify the places where most of the confusion falls. You'll hear:

  • What an initiator is
  • What a target is
  • What a storage controller is
  • What a RAID is, and what a RAID controller is
  • What a Volume Manager is
  • What a Storage Stack is

With these fundamental parts, we’ll be able to place them into a context so that you can understand how all these pieces fit together. Oh, and why are the parts named after colors, instead of numbered? Because there is no order to these webcasts. Each is a standalone seminar on understanding some of the elements of storage systems that can help you learn about technology without admitting that you were faking it the whole time!

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