Everything You Wanted to Know about Storage But Were Too Proud to Ask: Part Taupe - Memory

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Thursday, May 16, 2019
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Memory and storage differ. But the lines are blurring as new memory technologies are challenging the way we build and use storage to meet application demands. New memory technologies look like storage in that they’re persistent, if a lot faster than traditional disks or even Flash based SSDs, but we address them in bytes, as we do memory like DRAM, if more slowly. Persistent memory (PM) lies between storage and memory in latency, bandwidth and cost, while providing memory semantics and storage persistence. In this webcast, SNIA experts discuss:

  • Traditional uses of storage and memory as a cache
  • How can we build and use systems based on PM?
  • Persistent memory over a network
  • Do we need a new programming model to take advantage of PM?
  • Interesting use cases for systems equipped with PM
  • How we might take better advantage of this new technology

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