Experiences Evolving SmarterILM

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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The Smarter ILM strategy announced by IBM in 1Q2011 required the integration of services and technologies from multiple IBM organizations. This presentation will review the evolution of the Smarter ILM core components that manage Storage infrastructure services and optimize mapping of data to Tiered Storage. Experiences gleaned from analysis tools run before implementing automated data migration across tiers and after implementing automated tiering will be presented. IBM's Research Division provided core technologies that integrate with IBM System & Technology Group products which are deployed and managed by Global Technology Services organizations. Smarter ILM component operation and integration with pre-requisite TPC and SVC products are detailed. Demonstration of Smarter ILM via replay of live sessions will be included in the presentation.

Learning Objectives

Understand methods for intelligent block storage tiering
Demonstrate impact of intelligent lifecycle storage management
Understand advantages of employing a Storage Catalog before automated tiering movements are initiated