Exploiting the High Availability Features in SMB 3.0 to Support Speed and Scale

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Monday, September 16, 2013
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Microsoft have made massive changes in version 3.0 of SMB protocol, many of which contribute towards SMB 3.0 offering high availability (HA) for use in the data centre. This talk will present the results of investigations into how these innovations can be exploited for improved I/O speed & architectural scale. The presentation will first look at the needs of HA in a NAS protocol. It will then offer an insight into why features were added to SMB 3.0, providing technical analysis of the protocol itself and live demonstrations of noted features using the authors own implementation of an SMB server.

Learning Objectives

Understanding SMB 3.0 at an architectural level
Practical insight into network topologies for NAS
Exploring requirements for High Availability and design choices made in SMB 3.0
Finding the minimal shared state between SMB servers in a cluster