Fishing with Open Source Tools for SNIA Swordfish

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Monday, September 24, 2018
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The SNIA’s Scalable Storage Management Technical Work Group (SSM TWG) has developed the SNIA Swordfish specification for the management of storage systems and data services. Swordfish is an extension of the DMTF Redfish specification, and together these specifications provide a unified approach for the management of servers and storage in converged, hyper-converged, hyperscale and cloud infrastructure environments.

With the assistance of the SNIA Storage Management Initiative, the SSM TWG has also produced open source tools that can help developers who need to develop SNIA Swordfish implementations. This session will provide an overview of these open source tools, which include a Swordfish API Emulator, a Swordfish Basic Web Client, an example Swordfish plugin for the Microsoft Power BI business analytics service, and an example Swordfish plugin for the Datadog monitoring service.

The session will also include information about how the Swordfish API Emulator works and how it can help developers who need to create a Swordfish implementation for storage systems and data services. Some prior familiarity with at least introductory information about Redfish and Swordfish will be helpful for understanding this portion of the session.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn about the SNIA open source tools that are available for Swordfish
2. Understand how the SNIA open source Swordfish API Emulator works
3. Hear about how to contribute to the SNIA open source tools for Swordfish
4. Find out where additional resources are available for Swordfish developers

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