Fundamental Challenges to IoT Data Management

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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Up until now, much of the apparent innovation of IoT has been centered around devices, platforms, ancillary technology areas like Edge, 5G, and the new use cases they create. Yet, the true value of IoT is in the data. IoT and its ecosystem is continuously and steadily creating new data silos making it imperative for enterprises to analyse and handle this data much more effectively than ever. IoT application areas such as smart cities, smart retail, connected devices, smart homes and mobility are demanding changes in the way this voluminous data is analysed. 
With data also comes the security, storage, governance, privacy aspects, and the need to realize its full potential. Furthermore, IoT being a mesh of devices, machinery, firmware and nodes, its critical to  ensure that the data is adequately transferred, stored and processed. This keynote will touch upon the fundamental challenges to IoT data management, and the nuances of Storage and New age Datacenter technology to support the ongoing IoT revolution.