Gen-Z and storage class memory integration

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Sunday, March 10, 2019
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A Gen-Z supported system definitely will have Memory Management Unit (MMU). Processor MMU will be attached with DDR protocol engine and Gen-Z protocol engine. Further Gen-Z protocol can retrieve data from DRAM, SCM, DRAM + SCM or DRAM + Flash devices. A media controller supporting different media types and mix illustrates a variety of Gen-Z memory modules that support any type and mix of media types including DRAM, SCM, and Flash. Media is abstracted through the Component Media Structure which describes the memory component’s attributes and capabilities, and controls its operation. Abstraction breaks the processor-memory interlock which provides numerous technical, economic, and customer benefits. Gen-Z uses OpClasses to connect Memory Modules. Corresponding OpClasses used to generate request and response packets. A memory component can supports one or more interfaces / links to provide connectivity. Depending upon the supported OpClasses, these links can connect directly to a requester or to a switch. Media controller logic is used to execute a request packet and to generate a response. If the media controller supports a responder ZMMU, it will transparently access the logic / tables to validate request packet access, locate Responder-specific resources, etc.

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