Green Storage II: Metrics and Measurements

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Monday, October 12, 2009
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Focus Areas:

This tutorial will cover storage-specific topics related to
energy-efficiency and outline the current state of the industry. We
will discuss the range of technologies that are currently considered
"green storage", including a discussion of metrics for measuring,
managing and designing for power in storage systems. We will also
outline ongoing efforts in the SNIA Green Storage TWG and in
partnership with EPA ENERGY STAR(r), The Green Grid, the DMTF and
other industry groups.

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the basic concepts of
Storage, and that you know something about the Energy and Engineering
topics covered in the "Green Storage I" tutorial. This session is
focused on storage-specific aspects of "green" (especially energy and
power), covering the following technical topics:

- Metrics and Modeling - what matters for storage power and how can
it be measured.

- How Idle Is Your Storage? - balancing energy efficiency with the
various background activities that are part of the regular care and
feeding of large-scale data storage.

- Industry-wide and regulatory issues around improving energy

Learning Objectives:

Understand the storage-specific aspects of "green" (especially energy and power) for storage components and aggregated products (e.g. JBOD, RAID, MAID)
Outline considerations in how to measure and model storage energyand power in storage systems
Understand some of the technologies to reduce the ongoing energy costs of maintaining the data you manage.