High-performance data replication in HCI environment

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Friday, December 4, 2020
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The data replication technology plays a significant role in making applications disaster tolerant by protecting them from data loss and inaccessibility, thereby guaranteeing business continuity. The challenging task for data replication technology is to deal with diverse and complex subsystems: metadata subsystem, data storage subsystem, network subsystem, both on local and remote sites. Besides, the application workload itself may vary every moment, and the network may not be deterministic as well. In this presentation, we will discuss how a well-designed replication mechanism adapts to these changes on a real-time basis and achieves optimum performance and resource utilization. We also demonstrate the efficacy of these techniques in the context of Nutanix HCI solution achieving significant performance improvement and optimal resource utilization. Moreover, we discuss how we can leverage this mechanism to apply the appropriate quality of service (QoS) policies for different applications.

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