High-performance RoCE/TCP Solutions for End-to-end NVMe-oF Communication

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Exploiting the full SSD performance in scalable disaggregated architectures is a continuous challenge. NVMe/TCP, released in 2018, enables a broader sharing of distributed storage resources. It complements NVME-oF over RDMA, avoiding performance degradation over distant links and simplifying the deployment. However this comes at the cost of an heaviest networking stack and requires the latest Linux kernels. In this talk, we will analyze the differences between RoCE and TCP, and show how to eliminate bottlenecks, achieving best-in-class performance for both protocols in an end-to-end NVMe-oF communication. We will demonstrate also how this solution can be OS agnostic, ensuring a seamless integration of NVMe-oF in today datacenter.

Learning Objectives

Understand RocE/TCP performance,Get to know an alternative to OS dependant solutions,Benefit SSD performance

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