How to Connect a SAS System

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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The new Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)-4.1 (INCITS 567) technology is being deployed in the market for use in practically every industry, including hyperscale data centers, banking, education, government, healthcare and manufacturing. It maintains backwards compatibility with previous-generation SAS implementations, which means that older drives will be compatible with newer storage controller and SAS expander products. In this session, you’ll be introduced to the SAS Integrator’s Guide: a quick reference to the menu of standard connectors and cables required to assemble a SAS system, from the SAS drive (a hard drive or a solid-state drive) out to the enclosure level, including the associated box-to-box cabling.

  • Attain an understanding of the connectors and cable assemblies defined in SAS-4.1
  • Acquire the knowledge of the basic requirements for a SAS drive cable assembly, SAS Internal Symmetric Cable Assembly, SAS Internal Fanout Cable Assembly and External SAS Cable Assemblies
  • Note which connectors and cable assemblies were removed from the SAS-4.1 specification

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