How to Easily Deploy Confidential Computing

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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To counter the ever-increasing likelihood of catastrophic disruption and cost due to enterprise IT security threats, data center decision makers need to be vigilant in protecting their organization’s data. Confidential Computing is architected to provide security for data in use to meet this critical need for enterprises today.

This webcast provides insight into how data center, cloud and edge applications may easily benefit from cost-effective, real-world Confidential Computing solutions. This educational discussion will provide end-user examples, tips on how to assess systems before and after deployment, as well as key steps to complete along the journey to mitigate threat exposure. Presenting are Steve Van Lare (Anjuna), Anand Kashyap (Fortanix), and Michael Hoard (Intel), who will discuss:

  • What would it take to build-your-own Confidential Computing solution?
  • Emergence of easily deployable, cost-effective Confidential Computing solutions
  • Real world usage examples and key technical, business and investment insights

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