How to enable legacy data backup product to adopt cloud model

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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Different industries and enterprises are gradually adopting hybrid and public cloud model for their application and software to leverage cloud benefits such as optimized cost, reduced administrative overhead and high availability. This trend is driving storage vendors to: 1. Integrate their storage systems with cloud storage to enable cheaper and highly scalable data backup and disaster recovery solution. 2. Adopt cloud model for their storage products to handle and manage hybrid and cloud native workloads. 3. Adopt SaaS model for Data Backup and Monitoring software to enable unified data protection and monitoring solution for hybrid and cloud native workloads. The talk will start with how the storage industry is transforming by adopting cloud trend, followed by the challenges storage vendors would be facing in order to adopt SaaS model for their Data Backup software and potential solutions to address the challenges.

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