How Scale-Up and Scale-Out Flash-Based Databases Can Provide Both Breakaway High Performance and Breakaway High Availability for Enterprise and Cloud Datacenters

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Monday, September 19, 2011
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We present emerging storage and database software technologies providing optimal scale-up through ultra-high flash and multi-core parallelism and optimal scale-out through synchronous replication, exploiting commodity hardware advances to yield 10x performance and 90% reduction in downtime, and providing key new building blocks for greatly improving data center QOS and TCO.

Learning Objectives

Information and Data Management Technologies : understand how highly parallel and concurrent software coupled with advanced hierarchical storage management exploit flash memory and multi-core processors for optimal scale-up and cluster-wide synchronous replication for optimal scale-out
Scalable and Distributed Storage Systems : understand the scalability, consistency, and availability trade-offs in scale-up and scale-out architectures, and the key enabling technologies to concurrently optimize them
Large Data Storage and Management: understand how cluster-wide synchronous replication simplifies large data multi-node cluster management by providing fully consistent data, eliminating data loss, and enabling automatic and transparent fail-over and recovery