How VN2VN Will Help Accelerate Adoption of FCoE

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013
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VN2VN is an enhancement to the ANSI T11 specification for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) that promises to significantly reduce the cost of implementing an FCoE SAN. VN2VN allows end-to-end FCoE over an L2 network of DCB switches. VN2VN is part of the BB6 draft standard that is drawing steadily to completion and is now in letter ballet stage. Anticipating the value of VN2VN, some vendors have already started to release VN2VN capable products. Customers and bloggers are starting to discuss the impact of VN2VN on their environments. This presentation will begin with a brief overview of what VN2VN is and proceed to elucidate its real capabilities in illustrative usage models. How VN2VN can be used in typical customer deployments will be shown.

Learning Objectives

What capabilities are in the near final version of BB6 that facilitate deployment of end-to-end FCoE in a DCB Ethernet environment?
What are the compelling use cases for deployment of VN2VN?
What are the best practices to allow a robust secure deployment of VN2VN?