Hyper Converged Cache Storage Infrastructure For Cloud

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Monday, September 19, 2016
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With the strong requirements of cloud computing and software defined architecture, more and more data centers are adopting distribute storage solutions, which usually centralized, based on commodity hardware, with large capacity and designed for scale-out solution. However, the performance of the distribute storage system suffers when running multiple VM on the compute node due to remote access of VM I/O in this architecture, especially for database workloads. Meanwhile, the critical enterprise readiness features like deduplication, compression are usually missed.

In this work we proposed a new novel client-side cache solution to improve the performance of cloud VM storage, which will turn current common cloud storage solution into a hyper converged solution. In our cache solution it provides strong reliability, crash-consistent, various data services like deduplication and compression on non-volatile storage backend, with configurable modes like write-through and write-back. The interface of cache is designed to be flexible to use external plugins or third parity cache software. Our evaluation shows that this solution has great performance improvements to both read-heavy and write-heavy workloads. We also investigated the potential usage of Non-Volatile Memory Technologies in this cache solution.

Learning Objectives

Dedup/Compression on non-volatile storage
Potential usage of Non-Volatile Memory Technologies in cache solution