Implementation of SMB3.0 in Scale-Out NAS

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Monday, September 16, 2013
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SMB 3.0 features several improvements over the CIFS protocol on which it is based. Continuous Availability achieves high storage availability through transparent failover. Copy Offload and RDMA boost performance dramatically in Windows Server 2012. These features, along with Multi-channels, are quite attractive to customers. However, these features together pose implementation challenges in a scale-out NAS context. We discuss our experience implementing SMB3 on a clustered system without compromising functionality or performance.

Learning Objectives

Huawei’s implementation of Offload Data Transfer (ODX) through SMB Copy Offload
Huawei’s use of cluster-wide locking through its proprietary Outer Lock (OL) service to achieve SMB3.0 transparent failover
Test results on multi-channel, ODX, [and maybe SMB over RDMA]