Innovations in Load-Store I/O Causing Profound Changes in Memory, Storage, and Compute Landscape

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Emerging and existing applications with cloud computing, 5G, IoT, automotive, and high-performance computing are causing an explosion of data. This data needs to be processed, moved, and stored in a secure, reliable, available, cost-effective, and power-efficient manner. Heterogeneous processing, tiered memory and storage architecture, accelerators, and infrastructure processing units are essential to meet the demands of this evolving compute, memory, and storage landscape. These requirements are driving significant innovations across compute, memory, storage, and interconnect technologies. Compute Express Link* (CXL) with its memory and coherency semantics on top of PCI Express* (PCIe) is paving the way for the convergence of memory and storage with near memory compute capability. Pooling of resources with CXL will lead to rack-scale efficiency with efficient low-latency access mechanisms across multiple nodes in a rack with advanced atomics, acceleration, smart NICs, and persistent memory support. In this talk we will explore how the evolution in load-store interconnects will profoundly change the memory, storage, and compute landscape going forward.