Introducing SDXI (Smart Data Acceleration Interface): A New SNIA TWG to Standardize a Memory to Memory Data Movement and Acceleration Interface

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Software-based memory-to-memory data movement is common, but takes valuable cycles away from application performance. At the same time, offload DMA engines are vendor-specific and may lack capabilities around virtualization and user-space access. This talk will focus on how SDXI(Smart Data Acceleration Interface), a newly formed SNIA TWG is working to bring an extensible, virtualizable, forward-compatible, memory to memory data movement and acceleration interface specification. As new memory technologies get adopted and memory fabrics expand the use of tiered memory, data mover acceleration and its uses will increase. This TWG will encourage adoption and extensions to this data mover interface.

Learning Objectives

A new proposed standard for a memory to memory data movement interface,A new TWG to develop this standard,Usecases where this will apply to evolving storage architecture with memory pooling and persistent memory