Introduction to Information Assurance

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Monday, April 6, 2009
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Many organizations face the task of implementing data protection and data security measures to meet a wide range of requirements. With increasing frequency, storage managers and professionals are being asked to handle elements of this protection, which are often presented in the form of a security checklist. However, checklist compliance by individuals who are missing a basic background in Information Assurance is a quick recipe for trouble. At its core, Information Assurance is about ensuring that authorized users have access to authorized information at the authorized time. Further, it doesn't matter whether the information is in storage, processing, or transit, and whether threatened by malice or accident. This session provides an introduction to Information Assurance as well as details that will help storage personnel better understand its applicability in their own environments.

Learning Objectives

General understanding of key Information Assurance concepts
Insight into the importance of checklist items
Practical tips on ways to leverage Information Assurance