An Introduction to Storage Security

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Monday, April 4, 2011
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As society becomes more dependent on IT and digital assets, the social impact of the failure of IT resources ceases to be an inconvenience and begins to take on the character of a disaster. Few other elements of the IT infrastructure have a more important relationship with data than that of storage systems. They may also be the last line of defense against an adversary, but only if storage managers and administrators invest the time and effort to implement and activate the available storage security controls. This session covers the storage security fundamentals. It starts by providing information on the types of data that should be protected along with the drivers for this protection. Next, it summarizes important information assurance and security concepts, with a particular emphasis on risk. It continues with a characterization of storage security and concludes with practical guidance on starting a storage security program.

Learning Objectives

General introduction to storage security concepts
Practical tips on ways to utilize storage security mechanisms