IP Storage Protocols: iSCSI (Fall 2012)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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The session will explain the various parts of iSCSI: Network encapsulations of iSCSI PDUs; Session Relationship to SCSI and TCP/IP Connections; iSCSI flow from Initiator to Target; Error Recovery, Discovery and Security. It will also explain Companion Processes of Boot, SLP, & iSNS. And the session will describe iSCSI Environments from the small office, to the High End Enterprise. This session is appropriate for end user and developers of iSCSI technologies. Summary: This tutorial will explain the fundamentals of iSCSI and explain deployments in various environments. The protocol is explained, its relationship to SCSI is explained, and the use of Software and Hardware iSCSI initiators and targets will be discussed as will the companion protocols for discovery and security.

Learning Objectives

The attendee will get the fundamentals of iSCSI. This will include the packet formats, the main iSCSI protocols and they will understand how iSCSI can deliver Block Storage across an IP connection
The attendee will understand the various Configurations/environments, and the various companion Processes.
The attendee will gain an understanding of where iSCSI might fit within their storage environment.