iSCSI Protocol Test Suite

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Thursday, September 18, 2014
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This paper presents iSCSI Protocol Test Suite (ITS). iSCSI is widely used with multiple open and close sourced implementations. Since there is no easy way to test these implementations for protocol conformance and interoperability with myriad initiator implementations, hence the relevance of ITS. Existing software that tests iSCSI (e.g. sahlberg/libiscsi), focuses more on SCSI block command (SBC) rather than iSCSI. ITS is portable, written in C, and compiled as a user space binary under Linux. Each test is a self-contained binary that can be integrated in any existing test suite. With around 200 test cases in iSCSI login, Full Feature Phase (FFP) and Errors, we have successfully run our test suite against multiple iSCSI target implementations and detected several errors. Roadmap for ITS includes additional cases for Login, FFP, ERROR and including auxiliary RFCs like CHAP, SLP, iSER and Boot etc.

Learning Objectives

Demystify iSCSI protocol compliance testing challenges
Integrate ITS into existing iSCSI target test suite
Understand the Calsoft ITS solution