Journey to Smartness: Data Protection

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Friday, December 4, 2020
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When thinking of modernizing Graphical User Interface (GUI) of legacy web applications, which are predominantly policy driven workflows, most companies tend to change only the technology stack. However, modernization of the GUI involves not just upgrading the technology stack, look and feel but improving the User Experience (UX), for the end user to perceive the change. This involves two things:
    1. Simple GUI with lesser clicks
    2. More decision making by the App than the user
This is an important age for the traditional enterprise applications as the users are becoming more and more an IT Generalist compared to the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs or certified admins). An IT generalist needs help in understanding and making important decisions and looks up to the application to make these decisions from him instead of choosing an existing option from an endless list. The applications need to be more intelligent in making decisions by auto populating these workflows, thereby improving the user experience. A proof of concept is presented in this demonstration, on how enterprise tools can embrace simple ML algorithms in policy driven administrative workflows to smart default policies and schedules, hence improving user experience. A data protection workflow, to mirror or vault a volume in one data-center to another, is chosen for this purpose.

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