Leveraging the Cloud for Your Storage Needs

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011
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Three of out every four U.S. CIOs surveyed by SNIA say they are already using or plan to use public cloud storage offerings. What are the factors that are leading to such a high adoption rate by today’s leaders?

The fact that some Cloud providers are able to make solutions available that previously might have taken a company’s IT staff many months to plan, finance and install has made this a no-brainer for many business leaders.

Rackspace’s Bret Piatt will discuss some of the new services and tools that Rackspace and other leading Cloud providers now offer to help companies manage their storage needs. Bret will also provide an update on OpenStack, a scalable open source cloud computing operating system supported by over one-hundred leading technology companies. He will also provide an update on cloud standards adoption, including the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI).