Long Term Retention for Medical AI Applications

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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SNIA Self-contained Information Retention Format (SIRF) is an ISO/IEC 23681:2019 standard that defines a storage container for long term retention. SIRF enables future applications to interpret stored data regardless of the application that originally produced it. SIRF can be beneficial in domains that need to keep data for long periods and enable search, access, and analytics on that data in the far future. The standard also includes examples of SIRF serialization on the cloud and on tapes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical applications is an emerging area that aims to analyze medical big data to improve screening, diagnosis and treatment of disease. One challenge of this area is providing storage systems to efficiently store and preserve the data for future analysis within the patient lifetime and beyond. The European Union H2020 BigMedilytics project includes a pilot to analyze clinical and imaging data for early prediction of breast cancer treatment outcomes. In this talk, we’ll describe SIRF and how it can be applied in the BigMedilytics breast cancer pilot.


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